Alessandro Falcone, Alfredo Perchinenna, Marco Falcone

high profile photographers, well appreciated for their reliability, flexibility, experience, and brilliance

Alfredo Perchinenna

Alfredo’s photography is full of emotional feelings, he is always aware of the new technology, paying attention to the lights so that he can always offer a real ad amazing shoot.The ability to seize the different moments gives you a good taste of reality. Alfredo has an artistic feeling that often becomes poetry for your eyes.

Alfredo Perchinenna

Alessandro Falcone

Alessandro is the movie-maker of the team. This is a passion that he acquired from his father Lorenzo. He is full of curiosity and talent so that for his professional works he looks always for the perfect scene. Alessandro’s editing splits with such simplicity between short films, reportage, documentary film and advertising spots, considering always the good balance between music and video and looking always for the costumer’s satisfaction.

Alessandro Falcone

Marco Falcone

The innate attitude for art and the kind of studies that he attended made Marco a great photographer. He always pays attention to the different techniques although, he tries, through the camera, to get the different shades and feelings of the subject taking, at the end, the perfect shoot that will remain forever in our minds.

Marco Falcone

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how cromatica was born

In 2013, Alfredo, Marco and Alessandro wanted to create a new project based on their unique passion for photography. They founded CROMATICA that is a new photo studio for weddings, special events and all types of advertising.



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