• Studio Fotografico Matrimonio

  • Studio Fotografico Matrimonio

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  • Studio Fotografico Matrimonio

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  • Studio Fotografico Matrimonio

Inside a real wedding reportage there are free spouses

Temporary confidant
Temporary confidant
Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography

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Cromatica's Story

At the top of their professional careers, 3 wedding specialists driven by a common passion for photography and video, meet and define a project that aims to concentrate their resources and experiences. Linked by the same ambitions and aspirations, they involve a team of highly sensitive artists, giving birth to the CROMATICA studio.

Through reportage, there are no patterns, the work is based exclusively on the story.

Experts in the post-production of photos and videos personally edit their work.

The study over the years has become a point of reference and inspiration both in Italy and abroad.

Studio Cromatica Fotografia


  • Alessandro Falcone

    Founder Film Maker

    His passion originates from the taste for storytelling and is amplified by a great curiosity. Born into the profession, in continuous pursuit of the perfect scene, his fascination soon became an authentic interest which eventually led to his profession.

  • Alfredo Perchinenna

    Founder Photographer

    With many years of experience, always looking for new stimuli, he focuses his attention on wedding reportage.

    Carried by innate passion, he thus dedicated his life to the search for the perfect story.


  • Marco Falcone

    Fondatore Fotografo

    Founder Marco Falcone – Photographer

    His aptitude for figurative arts and artistic studies led him to embrace photography in an extremely natural way. Following his father footsteps, he takes advantage of the experience in the field which, by associating it with creativity, leads him to open new horizons in the world of wedding reportage.


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